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I'm truly sorry for your experience Horst.  We live in a different world
post 9/11.  I live in a rural area so I'm not usually affected by it, but
your email brought it all back.

I wasn't implying that you folks overseas ~should~ have come.  I'm just a
relative newbie, and thought that there would be someone in the US with more
experience and knowledge to give a talk.  After all WX will be there, and
it's not nearly as nice a product.


On 1/11/08, Horst Herb <subscriptions at gnumed.net> wrote:
> On Saturday 12 January 2008, David Boddie wrote:
> > Some people are able to travel further than others - I'm happy to travel
> to
> > EuroPython and PyCon UK to give talks, but less comfortable with a long
> > distance trip to the US.
> I believe that in the current political climate many of us non-US
> residents
> are rather reluctant to travel to conferences in the USA anyway. I used to
> go
> to 3-5 medical conferences in the US per year, plus a few FOSS related
> conferences (eg O'Reillys, even presented there once), but ceased this
> completely some 5 years ago.
> Last time I visited I didn't feel welcome at all, the customs officers
> were
> exceedingly rude and hostile - and I am a respectable MD with permanent US
> visa, no criminal records, no extremist affiliations, near-native English
> speaking, Australian permanent resident, German descendence; makes you
> wonder
> how they would treat people looking "less American" than I do.
> I wonder how many academics and uppermost white collar workers are
> prepared to
> be treated as criminals "until proven otherwise" just for the sake of
> attending a conference
> Horst
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> If we were only half as interested in liberty as in lust, we would not
> have
> half the problems we have.
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