[PyQt] pyqt and pycon

David Boddie david at boddie.org.uk
Sat Jan 12 19:33:54 GMT 2008

On Sat Jan 12 15:40:43 GMT 2008, Kerri Reno wrote:

> I wasn't implying that you folks overseas ~should~ have come.  I'm just a
> relative newbie, and thought that there would be someone in the US with
> more experience and knowledge to give a talk.  After all WX will be there,
> and it's not nearly as nice a product.

I realised that you weren't disappointed with anyone in particular, but I
thought I'd mention the travel issue as one of the things that might put
people off going to PyCon. I share the same concerns as Horst, and these
were in the back of my mind when I wrote my previous message.

Other reasons why it's better for "locals" to give presentations include
factors such as expense, environmental impact and familiarity with the
audience and culture. However, I wouldn't want people to feel that this
puts them under pressure to give a presentation at a conference just
because they happen to live in the same region. I think people should do
these things because they want to, rather than because they feel they have
to, or that nobody else will do them.

I typically go to EuroPython because the presentations are interesting,
the people are fun to hang out with, and two of the locations over the last
three years have been in places I've never been to before. (It's in Vilnius
again this year.) I went to PyCon UK last year partly because I felt I
should, but also because it meant that I could catch up with Mark and Phil
in person.

It would be good to start preparing for the various conferences in 2008
and PyCon in 2009. I'd like to talk at EuroPython in July, so I'll have to
start thinking about writing something fairly soon. There will be various
conferences around the world, and probably some smaller events in the US:


If anyone feels like giving a presentation at any of these and wants to
get feedback on their ideas, this mailing list is a good a place as any to
discuss them.


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