[PyQt] Request for info sources...

Vince Fulco vfulco1 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 04:07:31 GMT 2008

Dear PyQt experts-  Are there any trailheads or reference links for
the more "philosophical" guides to code design re: Qt.  I have scoured
the primary website and am working through the Summerfield book but I
am struggling primarily with structural/modular issues.  I am new to
PyQT (and fairly new to Python) and attempting to build a GUI with a
Pytables backend.  The core app will simply take a number of dynamic
lineEdit/combobox user inputs/choices, create a simple query or
compound query and output the read-only results in a QTable.  The
sticking point is whether to 1) pull in the auto-generated data from
QT Designer into a single class and create the query builder, table
formatter and table data outputer all in the one class or 2) to break
out the various pieces into completely separate modules as is done in
Chapter 14 of Summerfield.

TIA ...


Vince Fulco

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