[PyQt] signal editTextChanged

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Wed Jan 23 22:53:23 GMT 2008

On 23.01.08 15:37:44, Kerri Reno wrote:
> I have a QComboBox, and I want the users to be able to edit the text, and I
> want to know when the text has changed.  I'm trying to use the signal
> editTextChanged on the comboBox, but it doesn't seem to do anything.
> Following is example code that illustrates what I mean.  The line shows
> '<Account Code>' and if you type over it, the updateText function should be
> called and isn't.  Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

You need to use the C++ signature for C++ signals, i.e.
editTextChanged(const QString&) (you may be able to leave out the "const"
and the "&", can't remember right now).


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