[PyQt] Setup problem, assistent.dcf does not exists

Carsten Härle Carsten.Haerle at straightec.de
Fri Jan 25 12:35:58 GMT 2008

I installed first python-2.5.1.msi into c:\python25 and then PyQt-Py2.5-gpl-4.3.3-2.exe also into c:\python25 (OS Windows XP SP2). Now I have the following problems:
1) When I start Start/Programme/PyQt GPL v4.3.3/Qt Designer I get the error message: 
"c:/Python25/PyQT4/doc/html/assistent.dcf does not exists". After I click aways this error several other dialog boxes pop up complaining about missing *.dcf files.
2) When I start Start/Programme/PyQt GPL v4.3.3/PyQT Examples and Demos,  I get the error message "No documentation found".
Even though a gave the directory c:\python25 to the setup PyQt-Py2.5-gpl-4.3.3-2.exe, only some of the files are installed in C:\Python25\PyQt4. The doc, examples and  pyqwtexamples directotories are installed into C:\Programme\PyQt4. But there are nor *.dcf files installed.
This seems to be a problem with the setup program. How can this be solved?

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