[PyQt] customEvents causing seg fault?

gct smcallis at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 19:47:11 GMT 2008

OK so I've got a thread that monitors some hardware, and periodically sends
custom event back to the GUI to basically mirror an internal table to a
QTable I have on the GUI.  I'm told this is the proper way to update GUI
elements from a thread other than the main one.  My problem is, despite this
being the "correct" way, it's causing python to segfault.

When I leave the messages enabled my GUI will run an average of 7 minutes
before I see a signal 11 and all my python processes die.   Disabling the
messages (so the GUI is never updated, though the internal table is), the
run time moves all the way out to 30 minutes (at which point I manually
close the application, it does NOT segfault).

I'm using Python 2.2.3 and PyQT 3.12

Has anyone run into this before, is this a known issue with customEvents
that they can segfault python?
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