[PyQt] PyQt4 - Py2exe - Missing DLLs problem

Angel Leon gubatron at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 15:53:45 GMT 2008


  In the past I'd build a py2exe distributable of my app, and the py2exe
would be missing for some reason Qt4svg.dll, I'd then manually copy the dll,
and my app would launch.

  does anyone have a similar problem? do you solve it by adding file copy
commands to your build script, or is there something you can do to your
py2exe script?

 also, I'm very concerned about the size of my application installer, I
think my app shouldn't be needing qt4svg.dll since I'm not doing any vector
graphics, just basic Qt4 widgets, is there any way to break this
dependencies and only distribute my app with a minimum number of qt4 dlls?

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