[PyQt] QComboBox with history

simone simozack at yahoo.it
Thu Jul 3 17:02:09 BST 2008

Filip Gruszczyński ha scritto:

> Therefore I need to intercept the event when user chooses new option
> in the combo box, add information to the history and then let the rest
> happen (like emitting signals). I can't just intercept a signal,
> because I have no control over order of interception.

Sorry, I don't understand correctly your desire... :)

When the index changed I normally connect the currentIndexChanged to the 
function needed.

Some code:

self.connect(self.ComboBox, SIGNAL("currentIndexChanged(int)"), 


def onIndexChanged(self, index):
     print self.ComboBox.itemData(index).toString()

Normally this works for me... :)

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