[PyQt] How to create a "Hide list"-Button in QT Designer?

Sven Grunewaldt strayer at olle-orks.org
Fri Jul 11 16:46:34 BST 2008


For easier explanation I uploaded a screen shot of the UI:

As you can see there is a list on the left, containing all the elements 
that can be viewed in the "Image appears here"-Label.
Now I want this list to be optional. Normally there is a tiny left arrow 
button next to the item that can be hidden. For example, see the Opera 
(hidden in this screen shot on the left side)

Is it possible to create something like this easier than completely 
programming it by hand? I thought about a ToolBar, but they can only 
contain Actions and nothing else :(

And another thing that doesn't have anything to do with this problem... 
But it is in my head for a long time already.. ;)
Is it possible to insert items like a progress bar in the StatusBar 
within the QT Designer?

Sven Grunewaldt

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