[PyQt] How do I draw a styled focus rectangle in a QStyledItemDelegate?

Benno Dielmann lists at benno-dielmann.de
Tue Jul 15 00:10:26 BST 2008

Hi all, 

I've got a QStyledItemDelegate subclass which implements paint() to draw 
the contents of some QTableView cells. How do I make it paint a focus 
rectangle if one of those cells has got focus? I tried this:

class MyDelegate(QStyledItemDelegate):
    def paint(self, painter, option, index):
       if option.state & QStyle.State_HasFocus:
           self.parent().style().drawPrimitive(QStyle.PE_FrameFocusRect, option, painter)

but this simply does nothing. No errors, no focus frame. I just want 
the QStyle system to somehow paint the usual focus frame if one of my 
custom painted cells have focus. The QStyle documentation tells me to 
create a QStyleOptionFocusRect and to use initFrom(). But initFrom() 
needs a QWidget which I don't have in this case. 

I just don't get it. 

What's the usual way to get focus frames in QTableView cells painted by custom delegates?

Thanks very much for any answer, 


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