[PyQt] How do I respond to EndEditHint?

Keith The Great keithbegreat at gmail.com
Sat Jul 19 20:01:55 BST 2008

Question 1.

I've created a delegate for a TableView that works real well except for one
thing.  I emit the closeEditor signal with this code:
QAbstractItemDelegate::EndEditHint)"), editor, QItemDelegate.EditNextItem)

Which works cool, except that the item to the right of the current item is
opened. I'd like it to be the one below. How do I accomplish this?

Question 2.

The other thing is that files are written to when data is modified in the
model. A problem arises when I show a QMessageBox("The file is read only")
i.e The next index is opened for editing. This is bad, when the messagebox
is opened, THAT index is closed and the app segfaults when trying to show
another messagebox.

So my question is, how can I stop the next index from being opened for
editing in the first place?
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