[PyQt] PyQt and linux signals

Christoph Burgmer chrislb at gmx.de
Sun Jul 27 12:27:22 BST 2008

Am Sonntag, 27. Juli 2008 schrieb Strato:

> in pyqt3 (maybe also in pyqt4), when the signal is sent, the application
> will not be immediately affected by it (in my application at least).

'My solution' works for PyQt4.

> the application have to trigger an event loop to be affected by the signal.
> I had to implement a QTimer that call a slot that execute the
> processEvents() method, to obtain a kind of reaction to the signal...
> maybe there is a better/simpler way to force the application to
> immediately react to the signal, without having the user to move the
> mouse inside the app or something else.

I don't know if I completely understand the problem, but that doesn't sound 
like anything I experienced, again with PyQt4.


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