[PyQt] PyKDE4 on MacOS 10.4: sip failed to compile sip/kdecore/typedefs.sip

Tadeusz Andrzej Kadłubowski yess at hell.org.pl
Sun Jul 27 19:27:58 BST 2008


I tried to compile latest PyKDE4 on MacOS 10.4. I have quite latest  
(week old?) KDE4 compiled from source. Below is a relevant log  
message with error. Hope it helps.

Should you need any more information - just ask.

Best regards,
tadeusz andrzej kadłubowski

mydelniczka:~/WToku/PyKDE4-4.0.2-1 tadeusz$ python ./configure.py  - 
k /Users/tadeusz/kde/ -n /Users/tadeusz/kde/lib -u -o /Users/tadeusz/ 
package /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.5/lib/ 

      PyKDE version 4.0.2

Python include directory is
Python version is 2.5.2

sip version is 4.7.7-snapshot-20080706 (4.7.7)

Qt directory is /Users/tadeusz/qt4
Qt version is 4.4.0

PyQt directory is
PyQt version is 4.4.3-snapshot-20080705 (4.4.3)

gcc version 4.0.1
no concatenation

KDE base directory is /Users/tadeusz/kde/
KDE include directory is /Users/tadeusz/kde/include/
KDE lib directory is /Users/tadeusz/kde/lib
lib directory is lib
KDE version is 4.1.60 (0x40160)

PyKDE modules will be installed in
PyKDE .sip files will be installed in

PyKDE modules to be built:
    kdecore solid kdeui kio kutils kparts khtml

Generating the C++ source for the kdecore module...
sip: sip/kdecore/typedefs.sip:263: %MappedType template for this type  
has already been defined
Error: Unable to create the C++ code.

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