[PyQt] PyKDE4: installing pykdedocs fails

Benno Dielmann lists at benno-dielmann.de
Wed Jul 30 11:32:44 BST 2008


since the Kubuntu PyKDE4 packages don't contain the pykdedocs viewer, I tried 
to install it from the sources (PyKDE4-4.0.2-1.tar.bz2). Unfortunately, it 

$ python installdocs.py
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "installdocs.py", line 37, in <module>
    import PyQt4.pyqtconfig
ImportError: No module named pyqtconfig

PyQt4 is installed correctly (I think); all other pyqt applications work. 

This may be the reason why the Kubuntu packagers didn't include it, too.

Is there any workaround for this?

Best wishes, 


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