[PyQt] Re: Destructor being called on a subthread.

Kevin Watters kevinwatters at gmail.com
Thu Jul 31 21:52:39 BST 2008

> You could look at the call to PyObject_GC_UnTrack() in
> sipWrapper_dealloc(). I don't think it's the same problem, but there may be
> similarities.

As far as I can tell, PyObject_GC_UnTrack just says that the GC shouldn't call
the traverse functions while you're destructing the object--but what I think I
need to do is zone off garbage collections to be limited to one thread.

Now that I've looked at the code a bit more, I'm thinking maybe the
sipOMRemoveObject immediately before td_dealloc might have something to do with
my crash.  The comment above it says "By removing it from the map first we
ensure that a new Python object is created" -- maybe if a new Python wrapper is
constructed for my disappearing object, then the crash happens when the new
wrapper is accessing the old object? I'm still trying to figure it out.

BTW, the top of my crash stack is

sip.pyd!sipWrapper_clear(_sipWrapper * self=0x077f0ab0)
sip.pyd!sipWrapper_dealloc(_sipWrapper * self=0x077f0ab0)
python25.dll!subtype_dealloc(_object * self=0x077f0ab0)
python25.dll!dict_dealloc(_dictobject * mp=0x07b09390)
sip.pyd!sipWrapper_clear(_sipWrapper * self=0x0779ac30)
python25.dll!subtype_clear(_object * self=0x0779ac30)
python25.dll!delete_garbage(_gc_head * collectable=0x03d6dce0, ... )
python25.dll!collect(int generation=0) Line 855	C
python25.dll!_PyObject_GC_Malloc(unsigned int basicsize=16)
python25.dll!_PyObject_GC_New(_typeobject * tp=0x1e1bd4d0)
python25.dll!PyWrapper_New(_object * d=0x00b425d0, _object * ..)

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