[PyQt] Wrapping style classes with SIP for styling pythonapplication.

Igor Prischepoff igor at tyumbit.ru
Wed Mar 5 12:28:46 GMT 2008

Attached is my test case with crashing styles 
qtguimod.sip - added 2 lines which include qcommonstyle.sip,qmotifstyle.sip
qcommonstyle.sip - hand-made wrapper 
qmotifstyle.sip  - hand-made wrapper

test_norwegian.py - testing wrapping style which crashes(commenting out
method polish will fix crash)

test_style.py - testing QStyle abstract style which crashes on _standard_
pyqt 4.3.3. version

Can you look at what i'm doing wrong here?

Wild guess:
does qstyle.sip need a
<%ConvertToTypeCode> section? 

Seems like there is:
virtual void polish ( QWidget * widget ) 
virtual void polish ( QApplication * application ) 
virtual void polish ( QPalette & palette ) 

virtual void unpolish ( QWidget * widget ) 
virtual void unpolish ( QApplication * application ) 

so SIP-level conversion code between QWidget,QApplication and QPalette
should be there?
(or maybe i'm totally wrong)

my environment: windows xp, qt 4.3.3. pyqt 4.3.3-2 opensource,python 2.5

igor at tyumbit.ru
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