[PyQt] How to get the list of widgets names in a form

Simone simozack at yahoo.it
Fri Mar 7 13:55:06 GMT 2008

volkan kepoglu ha scritto:
> Hi Phil,
> I am trying to write a plugin for Qgis. The plugin will do
> spatial data analysis. I am using PyQt4 in python 2.5.
> In one form/dialog, there are several Qwidgets like
> QLineEdit and QLabel. I want to get the list of
> Qwidgets name, Qwidgets type (like QLineEdit, QLabel)
> and Qwidgets default value (my_qlabel.text()) and assign
> these values to python list. I mean that trying to get
> a list like;
> list_widgets_name = ["my_qlineEdit", "my_qlabel"]
> list_widgets_type = ["QLineEdit", "QLabel"]
> list_widgets_value = ["Hello world", "Thanks a lot"]
> Could you please help me? Is there a qt-class having
> the list of widgets in the form? or where to look?

You can simply add the widgets to a list. After that, you can retrieve 
the values, names or whatever you want, by ciclying over the list itself.

For example:

self.widgets = []

label1 = QLabel(self)
# other stuff...

line_edit1 = QLineEdit(self)
# other stuff...

for widget in widgets:
    name = widget.objectName()

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