[PyQt] Working with os.popen and qprogressdialog

David Boddie david at boddie.org.uk
Mon Mar 10 02:28:05 GMT 2008

On Sun Mar 9 23:21:05 GMT 2008, JMiahMan wrote:

> Andreas Pakulat-2 wrote:
> > Thats because while you run your process the event loop is not run and
> > thus no painting updates are being done. I suggest to take a look at
> > QProcess as that one sends the output in an asynchronous way and thus
> > allows the event loop to update the paintings.
> I apologize I have no clue what you're saying It sounds kinda like a RTFM
> response.

But much more polite than just RTFM, you have to admit. ;-)

> I've taken a look at the Qprocess class (and the QT Class page in 
> general) but being very new at this and programming in general I understand
> just about as much as what you said above. Being I (and most of the rest of
> the world) learn from examples I've checked through all the examples and
> code I can find and found now one truly addresses this but there always
> seems to be an issue and someone saying it doesn't work. It would be nice
> if there was a simple example to learn from and I guess that's really what
> I'm asking for, I guess it may even be something that's not possible to do
> with PyQt. Thank you for your response though I just need something more
> detailed as I'm quite a noob.

Maybe this will be useful:


It was written for PyQt3, but it should be fairly easy for you to adapt it
to PyQt4 if you need to.


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