[PyQt] No reply - did I post wrong?

Peter Howard peterhoward42 at blueyonder.co.uk
Sun Mar 16 07:53:12 GMT 2008

> I've condensed the problem to a 3 line program:
> import PyQt4.QtCore
> import ctypes
> ctypes.cdll.LoadLibrary('libfluidsynth-1.dll')

That's not a 3 line program. Nobody can reproduce the problem unless you
provide the DLL (and hopefully its source code).

I got the dll from here - which also includes header files.

This is the most recent Windows binary build on this site - but your
suggestion about getting the source has made me realise this is a very old
build (May 2004). I note that there is full source code here for much more
recent releases - up to 1.08 in Nov 2007. I've had a peek in there - and it
includes a MS VC++ 6 build project.

To save wasting your time - why don't I try and build the latest version of
fluidsynth using this and see if that makes the problem go away?


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