[PyQt] Signal on Selection in QTreeView

Marius Kintel kintel at sim.no
Wed Mar 19 00:54:44 GMT 2008

On Mar 18, 2008, at 2:44 PM, Phil Thompson wrote:

> What makes you say that? The connection has nothing to do with the  
> wrapper
> object of the emitter.
The underlying Qt connection stays alive, but on the PyQt side the  
connection goes down making the Qt connection just call the universal  
slot object without being forwarded to python.

> This should make no difference.

It does. SIP handles instance methods (and lamba's AFAIR) specifically  
to avoid being dependent on a temporary wrapper object.

I spent considerable time digging into this (although without knowing  
much about the C API to Python).
If you still think I'm wrong, I could try digging back and posting  
some source code references.

In any case, you should be able to reproduce the connection problem at  
your side with the example Kevin posted.
FYI, these are my platform specs in case this is somehow platform  

o Mac OS X 10.5.2
o PyQt-4.3.3, Qt-4.3.3
o SIP 4.7.3
o Python-2.5.1 (the built-in version)

~/= Marius

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