[PyQt] Bug with QGraphicsTextItem in pagedesigner.pyw (Mark Summerfield's script)?

alteo_gange romanocaldoni at free.fr
Sun Mar 23 21:43:14 GMT 2008

Hi, all.

Why the Mark Summerfield's script, pyqt/chap12/pagedesigner.pyw which is an 
file example of his book «Rapid Gui Programming With Python and Qt», bugs 
when i try to delete, rotate, copy, or cut any text (in fact 

Button «Add Text» >> enter text in the QTextEdit() of QDialog() >> Button «Ok» 
>> Button «Delete» >> «Delete 1 item?» >> Button «Yes» >> BUG! >>
«QGraphicsScene::removeItem: item 0x85baa90's scene ((nil)) is different from 
this scene (0x8324f10)
Erreur de segmentation (core dumped)»

other example:
Button «Add Pixmap» >> select image >> Button «Open» >> Button «Delete» >> No 

Why there is a bug with texts and not with images?
Yet texts and images are both provided to QGraphicsScene with respectively 
QGraphicsTextItem and QGraphicsPixmapItem which inherit of QGraphicsItem. 
Moreover, in theory, QGraphicsScene.removeItem(QGraphicsItem * item ) 
can «removes the item item and all its children from the scene» (and «Delete» 
Button uses this method).

I don't understand. Have you an idea?

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