[PyQt] [PyKDE] KConfigSkeleton/KConfigDialog combo not working

Adeodato Simó dato at net.com.org.es
Thu Mar 27 15:32:02 GMT 2008


I'm having trouble porting my PyKDE3 KConfigSkeleton/KConfigDialog: it
behaves weird in KDE4.

I'm attaching a very small sample program. The weird behavior I'm
observing is:

  (a) on the first run, when no testrc file exists under ~/.kde, the
      value of MyOption is correctly set to False, but when I click on
      the Preferences button, the checkbox is checked (instead of not
      checked, at it'd correspond)

  (b) so I change in the dialog the value to True, when closing the
      dialog the LineEdit updates accordingly, and the option is written
      as "true" to the testrc file, but when I restart the program, it
      is set to False again

Can you reproduce? Is there something wrong with my code? (With KDE 3 it
worked just fine).

Thanks in advance,

Adeodato Simó                                     dato at net.com.org.es
Debian Developer                                  adeodato at debian.org
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<ui version="4.0" >
 <widget class="QDialog" name="Dialog" >
  <property name="geometry" >
  <property name="windowTitle" >
  <layout class="QVBoxLayout" >
    <widget class="QCheckBox" name="kcfg_MyOption" >
     <property name="text" >
     <property name="orientation" >
     <property name="sizeHint" >

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