[PyQt] Dock widgets and window's lost of focus.

IloChab ilochab at gmail.com
Fri Mar 28 12:31:17 GMT 2008

2008/3/26, IloChab <ilochab at gmail.com>:
> I designed a main window that contains 1 tableView and 3 dockWidgets.
> If I use it on top of other windows, it works fine.
> If I let it under other windows, when recall it on top, I find the 3
> dockWidget gone (they automatically closed), and if I reopen them manually
> (through a menu action) they come up correctly and I find all the text that
> my application output meanwhile into them.
> Why does this happen?
> What did I do wrong?
> I found out that this behaviour doesn't depend on my application.
> If I just run the window alone (only the ui file, I mean) I get a similar
> behaviour.
> 1) I run the script and I get 1 tableView and 3 dockWidgets
> 2) I minimize the window
> 3) I reopen the window and the  3 dockWidgets are gone.
> Please help.

I really need an help on this one !!

My window turns blank even if I let  it open on a desktop  and I switch to
an other one.
I think it could be related with the focus lost, but I really don't know
what to do.

I work on Fedora 8 with KDE.
My configuration is:

python 2.5.1

Perhaps I made a bad design in my window, it's the first time I use dock
widgets and perhaps I used them in a wrong way.

Please, give me any idea how to solve my problem.

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