[PyQt] Re: ConvertToSubClass problem

MatteoBertini naufraghi at develer.com
Tue Nov 18 13:50:16 GMT 2008

Giovanni Bajo <rasky <at> develer.com> writes:

> By hand :) But I think the data structure per-se is correct. I have
> reviewed it many times, and I have even verified that, when that
> convertor is called, the correct result is returned but it is then
> discarded because of that specific subtype check (whose purpose is still
> unknown to me).

The only difference I can see from the PyQt4 generated class_graph is that the
index 15 is used more then once. I have replaced the last 2 occurences with -1
(no siblings), this should only avoid some more work, and the previous bug is
there with both the class_graph versions.

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