[PyQt] table model and pixmap

Scott Frankel frankel at circlesfx.com
Tue Sep 9 18:03:16 BST 2008


Looking at documentation for the QSqlRelationalDelegate class, I've  
hacked my way through to displaying a pixmap in a table view, though  
it's buggy.

Hopefully, someone will be able to suggest solutions or documentation/ 
examples to fix the following:

- at launch, the fields display the path strings to the images,  
instead of the images themselves
- on double-clicking, the fields suddenly display the images (hurray!)
- on making any other mouse-click selections in the table, all data  
(image, text string, &c.) vanish (???)

My ThumbnailDelegate class follows below.

Thanks in advance!

class ThumbnailDelegate(QtSql.QSqlRelationalDelegate):

	def __init__(self, parent=None):
		super(ThumbnailDelegate, self).__init__(parent)

	def paint(self, painter, option, index):
		QtSql.QSqlRelationalDelegate.paint(self, painter, option, index)

	def createEditor(self, parent, option, index):
		if index.column() == THUMBNAIL:
			editor = QtGui.QLabel(parent)
			return editor
			return QtSql.QSqlRelationalDelegate.createEditor(self, parent,
															 option, index)

	def setEditorData(self, editor, index):
		if index.column() == THUMBNAIL:
			imageStr = index.model().data(index,  
			imageMap = QtGui.QPixmap(QtCore.QString(self.tr(imageStr)))
			QtSql.QSqlRelationalDelegate.setEditorData(self, editor, index)

	def setModelData(self, editor, model, index):
		if index.column() == THUMBNAIL:
			model.setData(index, QtCore.QVariant(editor.text()))
			QtSql.QSqlRelationalDelegate.setModelData(self, editor, model,

On Sep 8, 2008, at 9:56 PM, Scott Frankel wrote:

> Hello,
> Can anyone point me to documentation &/or examples for setting  
> pixmaps in a table view that gets its data from a table model?
> I have a table view I populate from a QSqlRelationalTableModel  
> instance.  One of the model's data fields is an absolute path to  
> small thumbnail images on disk.  I'd like to intercept the model's  
> data for the image paths and paint the images as pixmaps in one of  
> the columns of cells of the table view.
> Thanks in advance!
> Scott
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