[PyQt] PocketPC port of PyQT4

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>From what I remember, wxPython doesn't work too well on PocketPC because of memory issues (I once did a 'port' myself, http://wxpyce.wikispaces.com/) so bringing that up as a reason to use wxPython on a public PyQt mailing list seems a bit strange.

While VensterCE is nice, it doesn't magically make your wxPython app work on pocketpc.

Anyway, iirc the problem with wxPython on PocketPC had something to do with a limit on the adressable memory space of the application and it's dlls. Even if there was enough free memory, wx + python + wxPython just didn't fit that adressing space. I can imagine trying to target PyQt for PocketPC might run into the same issues.

Then again, maybe a lot has changed in this area since PocketPC 2003SE.


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Frédéric wrote:
> Le 10/2/2009, "David Boddie" <dboddie at trolltech.com> a écrit:
>>> Nobody is using PyQt on WindowsCE?
>> This was briefly discussed last year, it seems:
>> http://www.riverbankcomputing.com/pipermail/pyqt/2008-May/019307.html
> Yes, I found this thread, and nother one...
Me too thought that PyQt was the solution to be multi-platform,
but from the reactions pocket PC doesn't seem to be included.
( Besides the uncertainty about license I therefor stick to wxPython for 
the moment)
For pocketPC there's a very good alternative (successor of VensterCE)
very comparable to wxPython.


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