[PyQt] How to obtain something like the Outlook Calendar

simozack simozack at yahoo.it
Fri Feb 13 13:35:21 GMT 2009


For a friend of mine, I'm trying to write a program that traces the
working hours.

I think that one simple way to track the hours is simulating an agenda
in a similar way that the Outlook Calendar does. I make some
experiment with a tableView and it seems possible.

Now I want to make a further step: I want to draw a textEdit or a
custom widget (in the future) over the rows of the table where the
user has one activity. The widget drawn needs me to edit the entry and
to see immediatly all the activity in a day.

How can I do that? Is there a tutorial or an example where this is explained?

Sorry for my bad English.
Simone Z.

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