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Brian Kelley kelley at eyesopen.com
Thu Jan 29 12:45:24 GMT 2009

If you happen to be using python 2.6, multiprocessing is your friend.


It is very easy to use and because it runs in a separate process, there is no global interpreter lock.  Way, way, way better than threading for a lot of cases.  If it crashes, the main program doesn't go down.


On 1/27/09 2:01 PM, "Matt Smith" <melkor at orangepalantir.org> wrote:

In java they have the "SwingWorker" class and I thought of a way to
implement something similar in python.  Here is the code:


I use this for starting long running processes.  Here is an example of
how I have used it.


I was curious for some input, It seems threads are often abused and I
don't want to be doing too much abusing.


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