[PyQt] Type casting

Rendezvous junk_and_mail at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 31 19:39:56 BST 2009

I am using Qt4.5 and PyQt4 and i have subclassed a QWebView with a custom contextMenuEvent, and one of the actions of the menu contains the URL of the link that the action was called for. Without having to perhaps subclass QAction, i use QObject.sender() in attempt to retrieve the QAction that was clicked on. However, i get an AttributeError, that there is no attribute called data, where there would have been had it been a QAction. Unless there's another way of achieving what i want without perhaps subclassing QAction (i.e. if subclassing would indeed help), then knowing how to type cast a QObject to a QAction would be very helpful for my purpose.

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> > How does one type cast in PyQt4? For example, a
> QObject to a QAction?
> Why would you ever need it? PyQt will return a QAction if
> the C++ instance
> is a QAction.
> Phil

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> Hi Rendezvous,
> that's not necessary and therefore not possible in python
> due to the concept of duck typing. That means not the
> variable itself determines the type, but the content.
> Or do you mean something different?
> Christian


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