[PyQt] PyQt Licensing

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.com
Tue May 5 17:47:03 BST 2009

First off, many thanks for not pestering me about this - it is greatly

In a nutshell, the PyQt licensing will not be changed in the short term.

This is mainly a financial decision - I want to ensure that PyQt
development, and that of other software, can still be funded. For the
moment an least, making an LGPL version available would be too much of a
risk - particularly as it would be impossible to reverse such a decision if
it proved to be a mistake - but it is something that I will continually

I have made one change to the PyQt commercial license to address a
legitimate complaint. I have removed the restriction that prevented the
re-licensing of GPL code. In other words if you have a successful GPL
application and want to sell a commercial version then you can do - so long
as you buy commercial PyQt licenses before you start selling. To do this
you have to use the LGPL version of Qt as I think the commercial Qt license
still imposes the restriction.


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