[PyQt] QTextDocument problem rendering HTML

Gustavo A. Díaz gustavo.diaz at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 18:06:36 BST 2009

Yeah, i've realized that later after wrote this email. Sorry.
I was trying to test QtexDocument cause using QWebKit for printin i have
problems of sizes with the sheet. The html template prints in the exact size
when i print it, lets say, from Firefox. But not from my app, with QWebKit
and QPrinter. Even the preview (with QPrintPreviewDialog) is smaller that it
should be.

Any tips?


2009/9/3 Christoph Burgmer <chrislb at gmx.de>

> Am Donnerstag, 3. September 2009 schrieb Gustavo A. Díaz:
> > Does QTextDocument has limited support for css or html content?
> http://doc.trolltech.com/4.5/richtext-html-subset.html
> -Christoph

Gustavo A. Díaz
GDNet Projects
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