[PyQt] highlightedtextedit.py

Lee Harr missive at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 6 03:24:57 BST 2009

Is it possible to browse the PyQt source online?

I was googling around trying to see if other people were
having trouble with the highlightedtextedit.py example
and found this:


which says:

2009/07/24 17:26:52  phil
Fixed the highlightedtextedit.py example.

So, I'm wondering if it was just a fix in that file which I could
run on my PyQt 4.5 system or if there were other changes
that would make it necessary to go to 4.6 before it works....

Does anyone have this file from trunk or a recent snapshot:


and could send along so I could try it?


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