[PyQt] Building OSX universal Sip and PyQt packages

Cezary Krzyżanowski dhubleizh at o2.pl
Sun Sep 6 20:45:36 BST 2009


Based on this article:

I'm sending two XCode project for building latest Sip and PyQt as  
universal binaries. This lets the developer to build UB with arbitrary  
versions, i.e. I've build PPC for 10.3.9 and Intel for 10.4 (using  
SDKs provided with the latest XCode).

It's a total overkill to use XCode to compile it, as it is basically  
all bash 'scripting', but I've followed the tutorial and it worked.

It would be great to incorporate this to PyQt Makefiles, so it would  
be possible to build arbitrary UB combinations with single  
configuration, like --arch-ppc=/Developer/SDKs/10.3.9 --arch-i386=/ 

It would be even nicer if binary distributions of PyQt and Sip would  
be available on the website, so compound with the UB build of Qt for  
Mac a developer would have instantly a toolchain for building and  
shipping UB apps.

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