[PyQt] problems compiling

Mike Vasiljevs mike.vasiljevs at gmail.com
Tue Sep 8 15:26:29 BST 2009

macports version is messed up when dealing with licenses (though i've  
never requested anything commercial, GPL is good enough for me!) but  
sources from the site did not ask for any licenses (http:// 

Stable package does not compile because pyqt4ClassTypeDef (also  
compiles by commenting out some stuff, i did not dare...) has some  
members missing, so it concerns the PyQt-mac-gpl-4.6- 
(MacOS/X source)

when building a debug version (-u)  g++ cannot find qpy/QtCore/ 
libqpycore.a, making a softlink against qpy/QtCore/libqpycore_debug.a  
solves it

"-framework QtCore" instead "-framework QtCore_debug" a

this may has been submitted but I dont have much time to figure out  
if it has, so excuse me for that!


ps. how do i install qtgui module?

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