[PyQt] dbus for win32

Jens Nie JNie at roseninspection.net
Wed Sep 9 17:51:32 BST 2009

Hi all.

I would like to use some dbus based functionality another application offers within PyQt4 on windows and just realized that all the Qt DBus stuff does not seem to be wrapped, so that the native dbus libraries need to be used. Can anyone point me to a drop in package for dbus which I can place in the site-packages location of my python installation? It does not seem to be that easy to compile everything needed and make it work. Maybe someone already finished that successfully or has found a package? I would need a package suitable for python2.6. It's again the story that everything needed is shipped with the linux distribution and just works out of the box and on windows ... Hasn't that been the other way round a couple of years ago?

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