[PyQt] PyQt on OSX Snow Leopard notes

William Kyngesburye woklist at kyngchaos.com
Tue Sep 15 16:50:38 BST 2009

On Sep 13, 2009, at 6:12 AM, Phil Thompson wrote:

> I've added a --use-arch option to PyQt's configure.py to tell it to  
> use
> arch in the pyuic4 wrapper script. If there is a problem with
> /usr/bin/python then you should run configure.py using /usr/bin/ 
> python2.6

Now that I got compilation working, a useful refinement to pyuic4  
would be to add the python version number that pyqt was compiled with  
to the pythonw command, like:

exec arch -i386 /usr/bin/pythonw2.6 .....

Some may want to build for a specific version (ie 2.5) of python, but  
the default pythonw may be different (ie defaults to 2.6 on OSX 10.6).

This also works around the problem (until Apple decides to fix it)  
that /usr/bin/pythonw doesn't respond to the arch command, yet /usr/ 
bin/python2.6 (and -2.5) do.

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