[PyQt] Problem with boundingRect in PyQt snapshot

Jeremy Sanders jeremy at jeremysanders.net
Wed Sep 16 20:04:48 BST 2009

Hi - for some reason the following code does not produce the 
correct answer after updating PyQt.

On Ubuntu with the PyQt 4.4.4 package the following returns 

from PyQt4.QtGui import *
from PyQt4.QtCore import *
import sys

app = QApplication(sys.argv)

pix = QPixmap(128, 128)
p = QPainter(pix)
font = QFont("Times New Roman", 20)

fm = QFontMetricsF(font, p.device())
print fm.boundingRect(QChar('0')).height()

On the same system with the same Qt (4.5.0), PyQt-x11-
gpl-4.6-snapshot-20090906 and returns 32.0!

The text is misaligned when using height to align it using 
the snapshot.

My guess is that the QChar is being promoted to QString. This 
function returns a different result for QString, so it breaks 
my code. The QString version returns the font height, not the 
height of the character given.



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