[PyQt] slots don't get called

Peter Bienstman Peter.Bienstman at ugent.be
Sat Sep 19 18:35:29 BST 2009


I have a rather strange problem with 4.5.4, in the sense that none of my 
QAction slots get called under Windows. Under Linux with 4.4.4, the same 
program runs fine...

Is there anything that could cause this?

My ui file has code like

    <hint type="sourcelabel">
    <hint type="destinationlabel">

which gets translated into

QtCore.SIGNAL("activated()"), MainWindow.add_cards)

I tried doing the connect code in my own code MainWindow, but that did not 
make a difference:

        self.connect(self.actionAddCards, QtCore.SIGNAL("activated()"), 


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