[PyQt] Model/View programming

Lukas Hetzenecker LuHe at gmx.at
Mon Sep 21 12:20:33 BST 2009


i have some problems with my first attempt to use Model/View programming:

I tried to create a Model for a directory list. The folders are located on a 
mobile phone and I get the content over Obex and Bluetooth, so the 
communication can be really slow -> The model should be asynchronous.

When I get a reply from the phone (some items) I don't know how to get the 
parent QModelIndex for the directory (internal pointer). Currently I store the 
index in my internal class and update it on every createIndex call - is there 
any better solution?
But this doesn't even work, I can't append the child item (it isn't shown in 
the view). Can anybody look at my example and show me the right way?

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