[PyQt] cannot propagate custom events to parent widget

Thomas Espenhain thomas.espenhain at googlemail.com
Tue Sep 22 20:42:44 BST 2009

I'm confused about the event propagation to parent widget with custom  
events. The documentation says setting event.ignore() will be pass the  
event to the parent widget. It runs great for MouseButtonPress but not  
for my custom event (see the following code snipe)


# here the custom event
class MsgAOCEvent(QtCore.QEvent):
     TYPE = QtCore.QEvent.registerEventType()
     #TYPE = 1000

     def __init__(self, event_id, data):
         QtCore.QEvent.__init__(self, self.TYPE)
         self.m_event_id = event_id
         self.m_data = data

     def event_id(self):
         return self.m_event_id

     def get_msg_data(self):
         return self.m_data

     def __del__(self):
         print '__del__', self


# create the event instance in a deep child widget and post it
# the receiver is the widget itself
# I handle the event in customEvent
class xy(QtGui.QWidget)

     def create_event(self):
         msg_event = MsgAOCEvent(self.event_id, (self.rec[0], 'test  
         QtCore.QCoreApplication.postEvent(self, msg_event)

     def customEvent(self, event):
         if event.type() == MsgAOCEvent.TYPE:

I except after event.ignore() is called it will be passed to parent  
and so on until there is a customEvent handler, who can do someting  
with it. But I can only trace that event.ignore() is called. After the  
call the event will be deleted.

Every hints are welcome!

Thanks a lot!

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