[PyQt] can't compile pykde (kdebindings)

David Boddie dboddie at trolltech.com
Mon Sep 28 16:28:17 BST 2009

On Mon Sep 28 07:33:17 BST 2009, Tamás Bajusz wrote:

> I'm trying to build a kdebindings package for UHU-Linux, but i can't.
> It was ok with previous stable releases of sip and pyqt4.
> python 2.6.2
> qt 4.5.2
> sip 4.9
> pyqt4 4.6
> kdebindings 4.3.0
> /var/uhubuild/work/compile/python/pykde4/sip/kdecore/klocalizedstring.sip:
> In function 'QString klocalizedstring_i18n_template(KLocalizedString,
> PyObject*, int*)':
> /var/uhubuild/work/compile/python/pykde4/sip/kdecore/klocalizedstring.sip:9
>2: error: 'sipClass_QString' was not declared in this scope

It looks like a problem with some handwritten code, though I would expect
that the generated files would contain the correct includes for this type.

Maybe one of the Ubuntu gurus reading this list can suggest a possible cause
for this - it seems to be packaged successfully for Ubuntu - or maybe you
could ask on the kde-bindings mailing list.


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