[PyQt] older sip version

Clinton Stimpson cjstimpson at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 18:13:25 BST 2009

On Tuesday 29 September 2009 05:43:21 am David Boddie wrote:
> On Mon Sep 28 23:10:21 BST 2009, Clinton Stimpson wrote:
> > Where can I download sip 4.7.8?  I need to build PyQt 4.4.
> > Any newer version of sip doesn't work with that.
> Which platform are you using?

Windows.  But I manged to get the source using a linux box and extracting it 
out of a Fedora source rpm.  I'm now able to build and use this PyQt.
I think it would be nice if previous sip releases are kept on the sip website.


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