[PyQt] Simple Qt application

Thorsten Kampe thorsten at thorstenkampe.de
Fri Apr 2 14:49:01 BST 2010


I want to create a simple application that displays hierarchical output. 
The idea comes from an application called "Slp Snoop" 
(http://www.novell.com/communities/node/782/slpsnoop%20utility) which 
doesn't work with Vista and above anymore.

Basically the application should execute a CLI command called "slptool" 
and "GUIfy" the output (see http://thor.objectis.net/tmp/slpsnoop/view).

The only "features" of the application (apart from displaying the SLP 
data) should be that each node should be preceded by an icon (to easily 
identify a scope versus a service versus URL) and to make the nodes 
"clickable" so that clicking on a node would either expand or collapse 
the subnodes (like in Windows Explorer for example).

My questions are:

- would this be rather easy to acheive (for a non-GUI-programmer 

- are there existing Qt/PyQt widgets that already do what I want to do?

- can anyone give me some pseudocode?

(My experience with PyQt is limited to reading Mark Summerfield's "Rapid 
GUI Programming with Python and Qt" and a sixty line demo PyQt app)


|   |---service1
|   |   |---service1_URL1
|   |   |---service1_URL2
|   |   `---service1_URL3
|   |---service2
|   |   `---service2_URL1
|   `---service3
|       |---service3_URL1
|       `---service3_URL2

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