[PyQt] overriding QSqlRelationalTableModel's data method

Scott Frankel frankel at circlesfx.com
Sun Apr 4 01:16:25 BST 2010

On Apr 2, 2010, at 5:05 PM, Scott Frankel wrote:

> I'm hoping to be able to adapt a QSqlRelationalTableModel object to  
> display only specified item rows directly.  Using the view's  
> setRowHidden() method is proving clunky.

Apologies in advance for taking up more bandwidth with this data model  

I'm having a chicken-egg problem with retrieving data from my  
subclassed QSqlRelationalTableModel object.

If I try to retrieve a record using the model's record() method with a  
row argument, I get recursion errors:  RuntimeError: maximum recursion  
depth exceeded

	item    = self.record(index.row())    # causes recursion errors

Following example code for custom models [Summerfield chapt 14] and  
reviewing the select function in qsqlrelationaltablemodel.cpp, I've  
tried overriding the model's select() method and populating a list  
with item objects:

	item    = self.items[index.row()]     # overriding select() masks  
data() method

For some reason, overriding select in my QSqlRelationalTableModel  
subclass prevents the data() method from being called.

Is there another way to both retrieve SQL data and manipulate which of  
it gets displayed in a view?


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