[PyQt] problem with QGraphicsItem

Philippe Crave philippe.crave at gmail.com
Tue Apr 6 21:10:40 BST 2010


I posted that question few days ago, but no answers. Maybe nobody use
QGraphicItem. I do not know. I am new at pyqt (still reading the pyqt
book !).

Please, let me know if there is a better place to talk about
QGraphicsItem, View, Scene, .... I will use it a lot during the next
month. it's a great tool compare to what I was using before.

here was my question,
I use setClipRegion() in the paint() method of a QGraphicsItem.
That Item has got many children. I would like to avoid repeating the
setClipRegion() in all of them.
Thus, I would like to know if it's possible to "propagate" that
Clipping to the children, automatically.

In attachment, a simple .py that show the clipping "not propagating"
from parent to children.
Thanks for your help!
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