[PyQt] Overcoming slow startup

Thorsten Kampe thorsten at thorstenkampe.de
Sun Apr 11 21:27:04 BST 2010


I wrote a simple application that displays output of an external CLI 
tool in a QTreeWidget. In a normal setup, the external tool will take 
less than one minute to terminate. Unfortunately - depending on the 
setup of the external application - the external tool may also take 
between thirty and sixty seconds to terminate - during which my 
application seems to "do nothing" and is not even visible. So the user 
may simply think that my appliatopm crashed.

One option I have would be to display a splash screen ("Please wait - 
gathering data...") or a progress dialog. My optimum solution would be 
that the application's main window appears after creating the top level 
QTreeWidgetItem and refreshes after each QTreeWidgetItem() - and not 
after the whole tree is populated.

Is this possible and if so, how?


treeWidget = QTreeWidget()

toplevel_item = QTreeWidgetItem(treeWidget, ['[Scopes]'])

process    = QProcess()

process.start('slptool', ['findscopes'])
for scope in str(process.readAllStandardOutput()).splitlines():
    scope_item = QTreeWidgetItem(toplevel_item, [scope])

    process.start('slptool', ['-s', scope, 'findsrvtypes'])
    for srvtype in str(process.readAllStandardOutput()).splitlines():
        srvtype_item = QTreeWidgetItem(scope_item, [srvtype])

        process.start('slptool', ['-s', scope, 'findsrvs', srvtype])
        for srvs in str(process.readAllStandardOutput()).splitlines():
            srvs = srvs.split(',')[0]

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