[PyQt] Cannot get any SIGNAL from QTreeWidget

Bjorn Egil Ludvigsen bludvigsen at gmail.com
Tue Apr 13 21:57:34 BST 2010


I cannot get any signal from QTreeWidget and wonder if anyone have any idea
of where to look?

I have a QMainWindow with a QTabWidget and some QDockWidgets. A QTreeWidget
is added to the dockwidget. After successfully populating all tables and the
tree with data, I want to click on certain items in the tree to select data
and set focus on a particular table. When I click in the tree it looks like
items are selected (background color is set), but I am not able to get any
actions out of it.

To debug I am checking to see if items are clicked:

                SIGNAL("itemDoubleClicked(QTableWidgetItem*)"), self.debug1)
    def debug1(self):
        self.logMessages.addItem("Uncertainty table item double clicked")

    def showEvents(self):
        self.logMessages.addItem("tree item clicked")

For the table I successfully see the text that the item was clicked (or
double clicked), but for the tree I cannot get anything to work.

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