[PyQt] about QMdiArea

Lic. José M. Rodriguez Bacallao jmrbcu at gmail.com
Fri Apr 16 21:46:31 BST 2010

hi folks, a may be simple question. I am trying to develop an MDI
application for viewing dicom images with vtk. I would like to use
QMdiArea. When I add a sub window, QVTKRenderWindowInteractor, and
show it maximized and then I add a new maximized sub window, the
screen flick and I can see the background of the new added sub window
as if it was not maximized and a lot of paint events are raised. The
same happen with QGLWidget as subwindow. Any clues?

Lic. José M. Rodriguez Bacallao
Centro de Biofisica Medica
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