[PyQt] pausing and resuming QThread tasks

Massimo Di Stefano massimodisasha at gmail.com
Mon Apr 19 05:54:26 BST 2010


i'm tring to modify the code you pasted
using the suggested modification, but i'm not able to run it
with a "working" pause action.

Can you point me to a working version, 
i'm tring to learn from it.
It is a cool example to learn how to use thread in PyQt

Thanks a lot!!!


Il giorno 15/apr/2010, alle ore 22.24, Russell Valentine ha scritto:

> What about just put this in your for loop. Then the pause/resume button
> or whatever just toggles self.paused? That seems good to me.
> while(self.paused):
>  QThread.msleep(100)
> On 04/15/10 13:53, Scott Frankel wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> What's the best way to pause and resume processing in QThread objects?
>> I've built a small test app that sets up a Python os.walk() process that
>> I'd like to be able to pause and restart from where it left off.  The
>> documentation on QWaitCondition looks promising, though my app appears
>> to hang on this line (line 69):
>>    self.condition.wait(self.mutex)
>> Also, in testing for a paused job in my processing method (line 104),
>> does a waiting thread resume from where it left off?  Or do I need to
>> keep track of where it is myself and restart it from there?
>> Thanks in advance!
>> Scott
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