[PyQt] PyQt class problem

Anshul Jain aj.phoenixter at gmail.com
Thu Apr 22 19:28:28 BST 2010


There's a problem i am facing. I have defined a horizontallayout in which i
have added 2 widgets (can be seen in the image attached) here's the code

mainWidget = QtGui.QWidget()
horizontalLayout = QtGui.QHBoxLayout()
horizontalLayout.addWidget(PanelWidget())   #PanelWidget is the left one in
horizontalLayout.addWidget(DragWidget())    #DragWidget is the right one

Now i want to add a QTextedit object from another class into my DragWidget
class so that i can see it in my DragWidget layout pane. How can i show it
in my DragWidget class.

I can send the code if needed. Please help out.
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